Drop a smile

Midway through building the website for this, but it’s out on the app store, super proud to have been a part of developing it.
Surprisee app - leave surprises for your friends at spots that are meaningful to you.

Now available on the app store.

So - you’re walking down the street and see a new café. You have coffee and cake there. It’s the best carrot cake you’ve had and you know your best friend will love it.

You open the app, take a picture, add the text “Damn fine cake” and send it as a Surprisee box to them.

They are told they have an unopened surprisee box from you and given a map location. They can run off and immediately track it down, or leave it and the app will let them know next time they’re near it.

Or, maybe you just want to let everyone know about the best coffee in your town? You make a video, you add some text and wrap it all up in a public Surprisee box. Now anyone coming close to it will see your message.

It's nifty. There’s more we will do with the boxes. This is just the beginning. Join us on our journey :)